The Story

Carrera Populare in San Agustin is arranged for the first time in November 2012 in conjunction with Gran Canaria celebrating 50 years of tourism on the south coast. The municipal San Bartolome de Tirajana drew attention to the jubilee with a string of events and activities.

In conjunction with the jubilee a group of interests created a group called the Los Suecos. This group consists of 8 voluntary people that wanted to set focus on San Agustin on the basis of its tourism history. Specially considering that fact that the first pioneers that settled in San Agustin were from Sweden. Los Suecos arranged a large number of events into a fun packed week in November 2012 that was rounded off with a Charity Run through the central streets of San Agustin.

The main sponsor for the charity run was Hospiten Roca of whom is a central and important institution to San Agustin. In addition to financial support for the whole event, the Hospiten Roca also worked together with Los Suecos to create a Charity Run-category where everyone could participate no-mater the age, gender & physical condition. For every participant in the Charity Run, despite the category, the Hospiten Roca donated 5 euro to the cause.

The charity organisation that was picked to receive the money that was donated was the Catholic Church bymission – Caritas.

Carrera Popular San Agustin 2012 was a big success! With over a 1000 participants in all ages and nationalities made this a festival beyond all expectations!

The total amount of money that was donated and passed over to Caritas was 6000 euros, the money was then used to help the homeless in the commune. Both the Los Suecos & Hospiten Roca were pleasantly surprised by the turn out, but more than that both the politicians and government were surprised that the event reached out to so many people.

Carrera Popular 2013
There was no doubt that we wanted to make this a yearly event. In 2013 the Charity Run was arranged for the 10 November, and the goal this year was to double the amount of participants. The goal was reached + more, 2286 people participated and Caritas received a new check from Hospiten Roca.

Carrera Popular 2014
We set a new record again!! Last year we kicked off the “Swedish Week” with the Charity Run on the 9th November. 2838 people participated and showed its solidarity with the homeless in the commune. Hospiten Roca donated a grand total of 15,000 euros to Caritas due to the overwhelming turn out.

There was a festival in San Agustin with many activities for the children, bakery sales, this years Carrera Popular T-shirt, the book Pionjärerna, music and entertainment. All revenues went towards the Charity, just like previous years. As always the day ended with the Start No. lottery.

A big thank you to all that participated.

Carrera Popular 2015
Our goal and ambition for this year is to set another record!!

We help each other to make a contribution for the homeless in the commune and the organisation Caritas.

For you that is here on vacation, Travel Agent representatives, Canerians and others residents on the island, school children, sports clubs – of all ages. Sign up for the Charity Run in San Agustin that has established its self as a yearly event, and is here to stay. This year will be the 4th year in a row.

You will experience an unforgettable day in Sa Agustin with a day full festivities. There will be as usual activities for the children, bakery & food sales, music and entertainment.

The first charity runs are for the children, before the adult male and female-class charity run “Runners” start their runs which is against the clock.

The Charity Run is where the number of participants is where what counts!

We count on you to take part!!

As like previous years the Charity Run is FREE, and its through your participation that the needy in the commune get the support they so much require.


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